About Us

Who We Were in 1953

SAMCEDA (San Mateo County Economic Development Association) is the oldest business organization on the Peninsula, incorporated in 1953 to promote development, and initially known as the San Mateo County Development Association. Original members were real estate and development firms wanting to create the infrastructure that could support business and provide jobs for the local communities on the Peninsula.

Who We Are in 2013

SAMCEDA: Business, Economy, Policy60 years later, the core message that “Business is Good and Business Brings Opportunity,” remains timeless. Beyond that, the rapid pace of change and innovation locally, regionally, nationally, and globally demands that SAMCEDA meet this ever-changing environment with ideas and tools our members need to be one step ahead.

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What We Offer

  • An Influential Voice and a Seat at the Table – on issues that affect your business.
  • Direct Communication – with top federal, state, regional and local political leaders, groups, and stakeholders.
  • Established Relationships – with influential business and civic leaders in the region and the world.
  • Public Policy Expertise – through “on the ground” involvement and presence, leveraging relationships with partner and reciprocal organizations, and maintaining an extensive, mature information network.