• Business

    One of the primary objectives of SAMCEDA is to support, champion, recognize and bring attention to the San Mateo County business community. All too often the contributions made by business to the economic health and well being of a community are overlooked and under appreciated. For San Mateo County a healthy business community directly translates to a healthy community and SAMCEDA strives to spread that message in a variety of ways.
  • Economy

    In a new study commissioned by SAMCEDA and our Economic Vitality Research and Education Foundation we examined trends affecting workforce development in San Mateo County and the Peninsula, a sub-region in the heart of Silicon Valley. It spotlights the persistence of poverty even in the face of surging job growth, reviews the best practices fostering upward mobility for the workforce, and outlines strategies that can be carried out by workforce boards, community colleges, and private industry. The report recommends that industry leaders, education officials, workforce boards, and elected officials come together around regional approaches that will support the twin goals of workforce development and economic growth.
  • Policy

    Public policy is an area of primary involvement for SAMCEDA in its advocacy and leadership efforts. Focusing on national, state, regional and local legislation and policy initiatives, SAMCEDA’s broad, pro-business based approach provides for informed perspective and action on critical policy issues.

  • For Over a Half Century...

    SAMCEDA Has Worked in Partnership with…
    Business, Elected Leaders, Educators, Labor, Non-Profits and many others
    to promote San Mateo County as THE PLACE to live, work and prosper...

    In the words of 2011 Peninsula Structures Attendees

    • "Heart of Bay Area Business/Innovation/Environment"

    • "Centralia - The Hub to get things done,
      to connect to the world, the center…"

    • "A place of opportunity where diverse communities welcome diverse ideas"

    • "Modern, yet traditional. Brilliant, caring,
      mind-blowing creativity, risk takers..."

    • "Collaborative - a history of cooperation"

    • "From the coast to the bay, the place to work and play..."

    • "San Mateo County - it's all about quality-people, business, place, education, environment..."

    • "Innovation lives here"

    • "Energy magnet for businesses and families"

    • "Climate for change"

  • Events

    September 29, 2014
    Peninsula Golf and Country Club
    701 Madera Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403
  • Members and Partners Corner


    San Francisco Bay Area employers with 50 or more full-time employees within the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District) geographic boundaries are now required to register and offer commuter benefits to their employees by September 30, 2014 in order to comply with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program. Through this program, employers must offer their employees one of four Commuter Benefit options in order to comply with Air District Regulation 14, Rule 1. Commuter benefits encourage employees to take transit, vanpool, carpool, bicycle and walk rather than drive alone to work. Employers with fewer than 50 Bay Area employees may be subject to a local commuter benefits ordinance.

    To Register Click here